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Working Paper
Benhura, Miracle, and Prudence Magejo. "Differences between formal and informal workers’ outcomes during the COVID-19 crisis lockdown in South Africa." NIDS-CRAM Working Paper , no. 2 (2020).
Benhura, Miracle, and Prudence Magejo. Who cannot work from home in South Africa? Evidence from wave 4 of NIDS-CRAM. 2021.
Thesis or Dissertation
Ntuli, Miracle. "Exploring the status of african women in the South African labour market 1995-2004." Doctor of Philosophy, University of Cape Town, 2009.
Journal Article
Cordeiro, Martinique, Prudence Kwenda, and Miracle Ntuli. "Crime and life satisfaction: Evidence from South Africa - Gauteng province." Applied Research in Quality of Life (2019).
Working Paper
Kwenda, Prudence, Miracle Ntuli, and Gibson Mudiriza. "Former homeland areas and unemployment in South Africa: A decomposition approach." Institute of Labor Economics Discussion Papers , no. 12941 (2020).
Book Section
Yates, Robert, Christine Kirunga Tashobya, Valeria Oliveira Cruz, Barbara McPake, Freddie Ssengooba, Grace Murindwa, Peter Lochoro, Juliet Bataringaya, Hanif Nazerali, and Francis Omaswa. "Health systems reforms in Uganda: processes and outputs." The Ugandan health systems reforms: miracle or mirage? (2006).
Working Paper
Ntuli, Miracle, and Prudence Kwenda. "Labour unions and wage inequality among African men in South Africa." DPRU Working Paper , no. 13/159 (2013).
Working Paper
Bargain, Olivier, H J Xavier , Prudence Kwenda, and Miracle Ntuli. "Learning from the best': The impact of tax-benefit systems in Africa." WIDER Working Paper 2019/2 (2019).
Conference Paper
Booysen, Frederik, Miracle Ntuli, and Prudence Kwenda. "Multiple chronic conditions and healthcare utilisation within the context of national health insurance." Biennial conference of the Economic Society of South Africa 3-5 September 2019, Johannesburg. Johannesburg, 2019.
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