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Working Paper
Whitelaw, Emma, and Nicola Branson. "Private transfers and graduate responsibilities: Evidence from the National Income Dynamics Study." SALDRU Working Paper , no. 270 (2020).
Whitelaw, Emma, Samantha Culligan, and Nicola Branson. Student ability to learn at home: an introductory look at student access to remote learning resources. 2020.
Thesis or Dissertation
Konan, Emma Roselyne. "Epidemiology of adiposity in childbearing Ghanaian women: a comparative study between urban and rural place of residence." Masters, Georgia State University, 2010.
Whitelaw, Emma, and Nicola Branson. Black Tax. Do graduates face higher remittance responsibilities?. Cape Town, South Africa: SALDRU, 2020.
Journal Article
Slaymaker, Emma, and Basia Zaba. "Measurement of condom use as a risk factor for HIV infection." Reproductive Health Matters 11, no. 22 (2003): 174-184.
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