Family influence on adolescent sexual behaviour in South Africa

Type Book Section - Sexual practices and risky behaviour
Title Family influence on adolescent sexual behaviour in South Africa
Edition 1
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2024
Page numbers 107-145
Publisher Springer Nature
City Cham
Country/State Switzerland
This chapter delves into the realm of adolescent sexual behaviour utilising the empirical data gathered in the course of the study. With a comprehensive exploration of influencing factors, both quantitative and qualitative data converge to scrutinise the impact of the family type and structure on adolescent sexual behaviour, the interplay between household socioeconomic status and adolescent sexual behaviour, the pivotal role of parent-child communication in shaping adolescent sexual behaviours and the perspectives of both adolescents and parents regarding the family's role in moulding adolescent sexual behaviour. Leveraging pertinent quantitative indicators, this chapter presents the findings of sexual behaviour, juxtaposing factors such as the age of sexual initiation, family income and the presence of parents.

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