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Type Journal Article - The Open Public Health Journal
Title The effect of additional childcare roles on COVID-19 symptom knowledge among youth in South Africa
Volume 15
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2022
As of March 2020, young people performed additional household responsibilities due to COVID-19 in South Africa. In particular, youth assisted with childcare since schools were closed. However, little is known of the impact of changing roles and additional responsibilities on young people’s ability to keep abreast of important information regarding the spread of the virus. The aim of the study was to determine the relationship between additional childcare responsibilities and complete awareness of the knowledge of symptoms of COVID-19 among young people in South Africa. Using data from the South African National Income Dynamics CRAM Survey (wave 1), 710 (72.08%) young individuals (18-24 years old) who listed symptoms of COVID-19 were analysed. The study controlled for covariates as additional childcare responsibilities, demographic and socioeconomic characteristics of the respondents. Cross-tabulations and a binary logistic regression model were used to determine the relationship between covariates and the outcome of the knowledge of symptoms. None of the respondents reported 100% knowledge of the symptoms of COVID-19 while 57.5% reported having additional childcare responsibilities. Among youth with additional childcare, 90.71% knew regarding approximately half (50%) of the symptoms. Finally, not having additional childcare roles increased the odds of knowing at least three symptoms of the coronavirus (OR= 2.36; CI: 1.227387 - 2.543323). Youth, especially those spending increasing time caring for children, need more access to information regarding the virus. This information is key to protecting themselves and the children in their care.

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