Health, income and economic development

Type Conference Paper - Annual World Bank Conference on Development Economics,Washington D.C, May 2001,
Title Health, income and economic development
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2001
City Washington
Country/State United States
There is a strong positive relationship between income and health throughout the world. If part of this association represents a causal effect from income to health, then the maintenance and support of incomes becomes a potential policy instrument for promoting population or group health. Policies for income support, such as transfers to the poor, or pensions for the elderly, are instruments that should be assessed, along with the provision of health services, for their ability to improve health. Whether there is a causal link from income to health, and its size, are important research issues for those interested in health in developing countries. This paper examines data from South Africa which confirm a link from income to health, and cast light on the mechanisms by which money is translated into health.

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