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Type Journal Article - Journal of International Migration and Integration
Title The labour market impact of immigration in three Sub-Saharan African economies
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2019
This paper estimates the effects of immigration on labour market outcomes of the native-born based on the skill cell approach pioneered by Borjas (QJE 118:1335--137, 2003). Three economies are included in the first cross-country analysis of the labour market effects of immigration in Sub-Saharan Africa based on this approach-Ghana, Rwanda and South Africa. We find limited effects of immigration on native-born labour market outcomes in these three countries, and results are sensitive to specifications and groups under consideration. Overall, an unfavourable effect on native-born labour market outcomes is more likely for workers with lower levels of education. In accordance with the literature, we find that the complementarity of workers as captured by an occupational dissimilarity index helps explain the results in some countries, but not in all.

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