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Type Working Paper - ICICTE 2018 Proceedings
Title The conflict between evolving technology and the digital divide
URL http://www.icicte.org/assets/3.2_goetzee.pdf
The digital divide in higher education concerns digital literacy in addition to access to the Internet and digital devices. Higher education institutions often assume basic levels of digital literacy and access to high-end mobile devices, which creates conflict for lecturers that are expected to teach with technology. The challenge is in incorporating learning technologies that can bridge the digital divide. A preliminary review of the literature published in the last five years investigated teaching with technology and the realities of the digital divide. Classroom Response Systems (CRS) and videos were identified as potential candidates for implementation in resource deprived institutions.

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Coetzee, Carla. "The conflict between evolving technology and the digital divide." ICICTE 2018 Proceedings.
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