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Type Conference Paper - Economic Policy Forum: Think Week/ The Digital Economy – Pathways for the Global Sustainability Agenda 31 October 2016 - 3 November 2016
Title Promoting sustainable development through ICT development and investment in developing economies with a South African example
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2016
City Cape Town
Country/State South Africa
Information and communication technologies (ICT) offer innovative new solutions that could empower the poor. Although, these advances have emerged in South Africa over the past decade, various challenges remain that prevent these technologies from being used fully. Poverty and inequality in the country continues to deny ICT access to the masses of South Africa’s population, hence participating in the productive and formal sectors of the economy remains elusive for many unemployment is a major factor in South Africa which traps the population in a state of poverty. Unemployment is fueled by the country’s poor performing education sector which is plagued by a large number of school system dropouts. Thus the formal skills base in the country is very low, and the majority of the population find that they are unemployable. The economy is divided unequally as the fewer and more affluent portions of the population continue to move into the higher productive jobs whilst the poorer majority, the unemployed and semi-skilled remain either unemployed or feed the low paying jobs within the economy. This cycle repeats across generations and thus the majority seldom move out of the poverty trap. Promoting the employment of the low-skill masses will provide the necessary impetus to move households out of the current high levels of poverty. Employment creation initiatives should be conducted in unison with improving the education system which is currently produce unsatisfactory results.

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