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Type Thesis or Dissertation - M.P.P.
Title Determinants of individual HIV/AIDS knowledge among women in Swaziland: an analysis of individual, household, and community characteristics in 2007
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2012
Page numbers 0-0
Allocating limited resources is a challenge for any organization engaged in health awareness and prevention activities. For most programs that target HIV/AIDS, the desired outcome is comprehensive, correct knowledge about the disease in order to prevent transmission. As progress is made in expanding comprehensive, correct knowledge about HIV/AIDS, populations with knowledge gaps must be addressed. Identifying, reaching out to groups, and reducing their knowledge gaps can allow for better targeting of messages and resources. Thus, the central question motivating this analysis is: what are the individual, household, and community-level determinants of individual HIV/AIDS knowledge among women in Swaziland? With the highest HIV/AIDS prevalence rate in the world, much is at stake in Swaziland for addressing knowledge gaps. Using the 2006-07 Swaziland Demographic and Health Survey (SDHS), this paper assess the determinants of individual HIV/AIDS knowledge among Swazi women using a logit regression model that includes individual, household and community characteristics. This paper finds that individual education and household wealth are large and significant determinants of HIV/AIDS knowledge.

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