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Type Working Paper - DHS Analytical Studies. 32
Title ImprovIng EstImates of InsectIcIde- Treated MosquIto Net Coverage from Household Surveys: Using GeographIc Coordinates to Account for EndemIcIty and SeasonalIty
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2012
Page numbers 0-0
One of the most significant contributions of the MEASURE DHS program is the creation of an internationally comparable body of data on the demographic and health characteristics of populations in developing countries.
The DHS Comparative Reports series examines these data across countries in a comparative framework. The DHS Analytical Studies series focuses on analysis of specific topics. The principal objectives of both series are to provide information for policy formulation at the international level and to examine individual country results in an international context.
While Comparative Reports are primarily descriptive, Analytical Studies comprise in-depth, focused studies on a variety of substantive topics. The studies are based on a variable number of data sets, depending on the topic being examined. A range of methodologies is used in these studies, including multivariate statistical techniques.
The topics covered in Analytical Studies are selected by MEASURE DHS staff in conjunction with the U.S. Agency for International Development.
It is anticipated that the DHS Analytical Studies will enhance the understanding of analysts and policymakers regarding significant issues in the fields of international population and health.

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