Multiple sexual partnerships among poor urban dwellers in Kampala, Uganda

Type Journal Article - JAIDS Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes
Title Multiple sexual partnerships among poor urban dwellers in Kampala, Uganda
Volume 57
Issue 2
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2011
Page numbers 153-0
Background: This study examined 2 issues of current importance for AIDS prevention in Uganda: the frequency of multiple sexual partnerships and whether optimistic perceptions about the severity of AIDS are associated with riskier sexual behavior.
Methods: Four hundred five men and women aged 20-39 from 2 poor neighborhoods of Kampala were interviewed about their sexual behavior over the prior 6 months and about other partners during current relationships. They also completed a 7-item scale measuring perception of the severity of HIV/AIDS.
Results: About 21.2% of men and 2.9% of women reported ongoing concurrent partnerships; 28.8% and 6.8% reported more than 1 partner in the past 6 months. About 22.2% of men and 32.4% of women believed their partner had had other partners during the relationship. Overall, 56.1% of men and 57.0% of women reported potentially being involved in a multiple or concurrent partnership. Respondents rating AIDS as more severe were more likely to be monogamous.
Conclusions: Multiple sexual partnerships may be more common in Uganda than generally supposed, and optimism about the severity of AIDS is associated with having multiple partners. These findings have important implications for HIV/AIDS epidemiology and prevention.

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