Geographic labour mobility in Sub-Saharan Africa

Type Working Paper - International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Working Paper on Globalization, Growth and Poverty No. 1
Title Geographic labour mobility in Sub-Saharan Africa
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2006
Page numbers 1-33
In recent years, globalization, with its attendant increases in trans-national capital movements and worldwide trade in goods and services, has spurred people to move, with much greater frequency, beyond Africa to industrialized countries in Europe and America. Given the link between labour mobility and development objectives, more empirical evidence is needed to further understanding of the development impact of labour mobility, and to enable African leaders to fashion the tools and instruments to manage migration for growth and sustainable development. This report sets out key considerations for filling some of these research gaps including available data and methodological issues. Analysing major migration patterns, including internal and transborder migrations within Sub-Saharan Africa, international (inter-continental) migrations, and forced migrations particularly trafficking in women and children, it assesses what we know about the nexus between migration and development and how migration policy affects poverty reduction and growth.

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