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Type Report
Title The South African index of multiple deprivation 2007 at datazone level
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2010
Publisher Department of Social Development
City Pretoria
Country/State South Africa
This report presents the South African Index of Multiple Deprivation 2001 (SAIMD 2001) at datazone level. The SAIMD is a composite index reflecting five dimensions of deprivation: income and material deprivation, employment deprivation, education deprivation, health deprivation and living environment deprivation. The SAIMD and the component domains of deprivation are presented at datazone level. As will be elaborated below, datazones are small areas containing approximately the same number of people (average 2 000). The datazone level SAIMD therefore provides a fine-grained picture of deprivation in South Africa and enables pockets of deprivation to be identified.

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