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Type Working Paper - Afrobarometer Working Paper no. 60
Title Where is Africa going? Views from below:A compendium of trends in public opinion in 12 African countries, 1999-2006
Issue 60
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2006
Page numbers 1-44
Where is Africa going? This compendium summarizes both continental trends and divergent country directions. It is based on three rounds of Afrobarometer public opinion surveys, 1999-2006. Among the many original results are the following: Even though Africans increasingly worry about unemployment and food insecurity, they are politically patient; they are not ready to reject democracy simply because it may fail at economic delivery. And even though Africans consistently consider the economic present to be worse then the economic past, they see better times ahead. Hope persists, perhaps propelled in part by the freedoms and opportunities provided by democracy.

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