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Type Working Paper - NIDS Discussion Paper no.2
Title Health: Analysis of the NIDS Wave 1 dataset
Issue 2
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2009
Health status and socioeconomic status are important determinants of individuals’ wellbeing. Information on income alone, or on health alone, provides a less complete picture. Better health can lead to higher income, and higher income can lead to better health, so that we cannot fully understand the dynamics of either process without understanding both. Much of the research on international health and income has focused on the cross-country relationships between population health and national income. Starting from Preston (1975, 1980), these relationships have been used to investigate the causes of mortality decline, particularly the relative roles of income and of medical knowledge. And data on adult height have been used to investigate the causes of the historical decline in mortality, see in particular Fogel (1997, 2004), Floud, Wachter, and Gregory (1990), and Steckel (1995).

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Ardington, Cally, and Anne Case. "Health: Analysis of the NIDS Wave 1 dataset." NIDS Discussion Paper no.2 , no. 2 (2009).
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