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Type Journal Article - South African Journal of Economics
Title Changing patterns of South African income distribution: Towards time series estimates of distribution and poverty
Volume 72
Issue 3
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2004
Page numbers 546-572
Research on income distribution in South Africa has, for obvious reasons, focused on interracial (inter-group) income distribution. Quite dramatic changes have occurred in interracial income distribution patterns since the 1970s, with the black share of income rising for the first time and at times exceeding the rise in their population share. This implies a narrowing inter-racial income gap. Data on income distribution remain scarce, so that it remains difficult to obtain the full picture about changes in income distribution. In particular, widening inequality within the black population has received much attention. Rises in black unemployment and in black wages have had inequality-inducing effects on black incomes. Is maldistribution of income between races now making way for maldistribution of income within race groups? Put differently, is inequality shifting from inter-group to intra-group inequality (from between group to within group inequality)? This paper pieces together information from various sources of data (censuses, household surveys, marketing surveys, published wage data series, etc.) to inform estimates of interand intra-group distribution over a longer time frame, in an effort to improve analysis of income inequality and poverty trends. These income distribution patterns also have considerable implications for the growth and evolution of the South African consumer market.

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