Measuring Consumption

The course is targeted at researchers, postgraduate students and analysts who want the theoretical background and practical skills to analyse consumption survey data, e.g. from the Income and Expenditure Surveys or the Living Conditions Surveys.

Course Content: 

  • Consumption surveys and Engel curves,
  • Engel curves and equivalence scales.  Microeconomic theory of demand,
  • Estimating Demand equations,
  • Social influences on consumption
  • Life-cycle considerations,
  • Micro and macro issues

Prerequisites:  Course Participants will be expected to have already acquired basic Stata skills.   Don't know Stata?  Have a look at our Introduction to Stata course.

Date: 4 August 2021. This course will run for 11 weeks online starting on Wednesday, 4 August. Lectures will be every Wednesday, 14h00 to 15h30 and practicals will be on Thursdays, 10h00 to 11h30.

Mode of Delivery: This course will be offered online.

Course Instructor: Prof Martin Wittenberg, Director, DataFirst and Jacqueline Mosomi, Junior Research Fellow, SALDRU

Course Fees:  Cost of the course is R10 500.00.  Partial scholarships are available to bona fide students and academics.

Closing Date:  Apply online

This is a joint SALDRU and DataFirst course.

Participant comments

Measuring consumption"It was helpful to learn how to use both non-parametric and parametric methods to measure consumption. On a personal level it was interesting to learn about conspicuous consumption and whether it occurs in my own life. I concluded “Nope, definitely not” as I am investing in the education of 3 dependants! At the end of it all, I feel I have learnt enough from the course to write a research paper." (Patricia Koka, Stats SA)

Measuring consumption"The course provided new knowledge but it also refreshed my memory of some of the theories (such as the Engel and Rothbarth methods) that I learned during my undergraduate studies. Proving these theories using real life data – The Living Conditions Survey - and understanding why the National Accounts differ from the LCS was fascinating for me. I am looking forward to applying my knowledge in analyzing the LCS 2014/15 data and producing detailed and informative reports for our Stats SA data users."” (Thapelo Tshabadira, Stats SA)

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