Smarter Household Energy Data: infrastructure for policy and planning

The UK Data Service was awarded funding from the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and National Research Foundation (NRF), South Africa, under the ESRC/NRF International Centre Partnerships in 2015, to work with DataFirst on big data infrastructure.

The project aims to strengthen data expertise and research partnerships between South Africa and the UK through the formation of a new network created to investigate access to, and the use of, household energy data for policymaking and planning. The project will focus on data infrastructure and will bring together data professionals, energy researchers and policymakers in both South Africa(SA) and the UK to address key policy challenges through shared scoping, planning and analysis of UK and SA household energy data.

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Here are some links to what is happening on the project:

Cape Town Data Quality Workshop: Measurement of Development Indicators.

Measuring dynamics of household electricity connections in a developing context: a longitudinal data approach.

Knowledge exchange symposium: 21st Century Data Infrastructure for Research.

Reflections on ‘Encounters with Big Data’, our course in Cape Town.

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