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DataFirst is a Research Unit and Data Service based at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. We give researchers online access to survey and administrative microdata (data at unit record level) from South Africa and other African countries. We assist researchers to use the data via our online helpdesk and offer formal training courses in microdata analysis.

DataFirst also trains African data managers in microdata curation. We conduct research on the quality and usability of South African microdata, and we work with African microdata producers to improve the quality of their data products.”

We aim for a data rich research-policy interface in South Africa, where data reuse by policy analysts in academia serves to refine inputs to government planning.

Download our Annual Reports:

Director's Annual Report 2012

Director's Annual Report 2013

Director's Annual Report 2014


Read about our data and download data for your research from our portal.



Apply to use confidential data in our Secure Research Data Centre on Campus.

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TrainingLatest courses:  Introduction to Stata, Econometrics, Complex Social Survey Data and Panel Survey Data.

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