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DataFirst is a data service based at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. We give researchers online access to African data and online help with data usage. We offer training in data analysis and data management. We conduct research on the quality and usability of South African data, and we work with African data producers to improve the quality of their data products. Find microdata for your research, read about our data and download data and supporting documents via our portal.

Secure Data Services

Our Secure Data Service gives researchers the opportunity to analyse sensitive restricted-access datasets usually not available for reuse. This includes person- and institution-level data or data at low levels of geography which is potentially disclosive, with the possibility of individual respondents being identified and this information published by researchers. The SDS allows accredited researchers to use the data in a Secure Research Data Centre at the University of Cape Town.

Our data portal provides metadata on secure datasets, to assist data discovery. Our secure datasets are listed on the data portal.

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