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Journal Article
De La Cruz, Natalie, Benjamin Crookston, Kirk Dearden, Bobbi Gray, Natasha Ivins, Stephen Alder, and Robb Davis. "Who sleeps under bednets in Ghana? A doer/non-doer analysis of malaria prevention behaviours." Malaria Journal 5, no. 6 (2006): 61-0.
Thesis or Dissertation
Seifert, Natalie. "Bridging the digital divide: A case study of a collaboration between a metropolitan municipality and a non-profit organisation." Masters, University of Stellenbosch , 2017.
Working Paper
Bau, Natalie, Jishnu Das, and Andres Yi Chang. "New evidence on learning trajectories in a low-income setting." World Bank Policy Research Working Paper , no. 9597 (2021).
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